Latent epoxy systems and composites research fruitful


"Theory and Practice of latent epoxy resin system and its composites" research project, funded by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Materials PhD supervisor Professor Chen Ping, etc. Dalian University of Technology who completed successfully used in national defense, power transmission major projects, and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits.

The outcome is achieved excellent example of a virtuous combination of theory and practice. According to the China Association of epoxy resin ( is known for its research in composite resin formulations were cured in the form and structure of the secondary layer to determine the order of process parameters, the system applied directly to 300 MW, 600 megawatt generator stator insulation mica tape adhesives, paint stains overall organic,110-500kV composite insulators mandrel with pultruded fiberglass, aramid fiber composite cable to strengthen the core, the Telstar 22 satellite with Kevlar composite radar national research institutions antenna extension components and carbon fiber composite materials, such as solid rocket motor casing, a major technical equipment, military products in supporting the project and solve the resin storage using short, low interfacial bond strength, high temperature dynamic fatigue performance of large temperature difference poor, curing thermal stress cracking and a series of technical problems, so that these projects and products to fill the gaps

It is learned that the curing reaction mechanism studies in the series of latent epoxy resin system, curing kinetics, the relationship between structure and properties of the cured product, latent epoxy matrix formulations and dielectric properties of composite materials and other aspects of design optimization system theoretical studies were published more than 50 papers related (where 22 is SCI, EI indexed), and wrote a more influential scholarly monograph "epoxy." Domestic and foreign counterparts, experts and scholars spoke highly of the opinion that the study made ​​"domestic epoxy resin and composite material theory and practice" more comprehensive, systematic achievement, enrichment and development of epoxy curing reaction and compound dielectric theory and application of important guiding significance, their creative achievements reached international advanced level.

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