Currently pultruded epoxy composites has formed seven applications


Epoxy composites pultrusion process, the glue is an epoxy resin impregnated glass fiber bundle and the other continuous continuous reinforcing materials such as glass cloth, with polyester felt like surface, by drawing in the mold traction extrusion and mold and cured in an oven to heat curing methods FRP profiles, also called continuous pultrusion process, the main production tubes, rods, profiles, plates and other glass steel sections, has formed seven major application areas.

Pultrusion process specifically distinct advantages. According to experts, mainly: simple equipment, low cost, high productivity, facilitate the formation of automated production lines, product quality and stability; give full play to the role of reinforcing materials, high mechanical properties, especially the longitudinal strength and modulus; efficient utilization of raw materials high, basically no scrap; vertical and horizontal intensity profiles can be adjusted to suit different requirements; its length may need to cut

Epoxy fiberglass pultrusion products are mainly used in the following seven areas: electrical field as one of the key development is currently the most widely used in areas such as air ducts positioned rods transformers , high voltage insulator mandrel , high voltage cable protection pipes, cable trays , insulation ladder, insulated rods , poles, guard rails , cable distribution frame , motor parts, etc. ; chemical preservative area is the fastest-growing areas in recent years , the typical products such as pipe support structure , sucker rods, downhole pressure pipes , wastewater treatment equipment, chemical baffles, chemical, petroleum, paper , metallurgical factory in railings, stairs , platforms, handrails, grating floors ; areas of the building structure is mainly used for the superstructure light structure , high-rise structures or special use structures, such as activity room structure, doors and windows structural profiles, trusses , light bridges, railings, tent poles , ceiling structure, large boron structure ; sports entertainment such as fishing rods , hockey sticks , skis, pole vault poles, bows , etc. ; the transport sector such as cars shelves, truck frame , refrigerated cars, automotive spring board, luggage rack , bumper, deck , electric trains and other rail guards ; energy is mainly used for solar collectors bracket, wind turbine blades , oil wells catheter ; aerospace such as aircraft and spacecraft antenna insulated pipes , motor vehicle parts, aircraft composite I-beam , girder and square beams, aircraft rod, rod , etc.

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