Industrial seeking a drastic regression


Indisputable fact is that the contribution to the "China Speed" is much larger than the private financial bank credit, started to become abnormal crazy this year. Some cases even up to 180% interest! Key factor is the entity's economic malaise, impetuous and hype of the wind filled the entire economy magnified the risk of private lending, private lending beyond making the security perimeter, and then appeared usury of all the people of dangerous tendency - former private lending, mostly SMEs take supplementary short-term liquidity needs, and today's private lending, real estate or take, or take fried mine. Even if the inflow of SMEs in the high rates of stress, it is impossible to make it back by doing Industries

So some SMEs will get private lending money again to put out higher interest rates to money speculation money, multiplied the risk, so that it was mainly for the private economy transfusion gradually from the private lending industry, into a money speculation money drumming fancy gambling games. The end result is: SME industrial hollowing and investment speculation, is gradually becoming the mines could explode at any time, the real economy in jeopardy

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