Jilin Province, carbon fiber base was identified


On February 8, Jilin Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin Province declared the high-tech carbon fiber and product characteristics industry base approved by the Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Agency. Meanwhile, the Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation in Carbon Fiber Industry headed by Jilin Chemical Fiber Group was formally approved as a provincial strategic alliance for technological innovation. At the end of last year, the Economic Development Zone of Jilin declared the provincial high-tech and new-technology carbon fiber industry base. The Science and Technology Bureau of the Economic Development Zone and Jilin City carbon fiber enterprises joined each other one by one. After being reviewed by the expert group, Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department officially approved. Next, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone will rely on a group of backbone enterprises and related technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises with distinct industry characteristics, large industrial connections, complete industrial chain, high technological level and strong innovation ability to promote the development of carbon fiber industrial clusters .

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